PowerizeD aims to optimize power electronics by implementing a coupled optimization process. This approach, previously used in software vs. hardware designs, will now be applied to achieve comprehensive control and advanced functionality in power electronics. By leveraging digitalization, functions traditionally implemented in hardware, such as short-circuit detection, can be partially carried out in the digital domain, offering flexibility and improved performance. Additionally, optimizing the partitioning of functionality in the system enhances the driver and other components. Ultimately, digitalization enables a higher level of intelligence in power electronics.

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  • PowerizeD is an innovative EU funded project aiming to develop breakthrough technologies of digitized and intelligent power electronics to enable sustainable and resilient energy generation, transmission and applications

PowerizeD will enable:

  • Green energy by increasing the efficiency of power devices and system with loss reduction up to 25%
  • Sustainable Operation for an increased lifetime by at least 30%
  • Robust and Safe Operation by intelligent device control
  • Reduction of required Chip Size by 10-15%
  • Reduced Design Time for power electronic control systems by 50%
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European Countries
Duration in Months

Expected impact from PowerizeD at a glance

PowerizeD will address aspects for power electronics from materials to systems across application area boundaries, to cover the following European Domains shown below:
Semiconductor Industry
Electric Energy Industry
Automotive Industry
Traction Industry
Industry Market
PowerizeD will finally support the transformation of the energy market in the areas of the three megatrends of Sovereignty, Sustainability, and Digitalization.