On the 8th-9th of February AI4CSM project will be presented at the TechTalk2024 strategic event, navigating the Convergence of Ecosystems in Mobility, Infrastructure, and Energy! The AI4CSM coordinator, Jochen Koszescha, is going to give a speech about the Gap between RISC-V and SW Defined Vehicle and Applications. The event will occur in Hotel SB Plaza Europa, Barcelona, Spain.

• Immerse yourself in dynamic fishbowl discussions as we dive into the interconnected world of technology convergence.

• From the emergence of human-like AI in everyday interactions to the crucial role of semiconductors and SW, such as power electronics, 6G, and a new generation of solutions for SW Defined Vehicles also using RISC-V approach and closing the gap in shaping our connected futures. We will explore the profound impact of these technologies on our lives.

• Join the conversation on the vital links created by IoT, edge AI, the edge-cloud computing continuum, industrial immersive technologies, the cybersecurity challenges in a hyperconnected world, the efficiency of APIs in seamless integration, and the exciting potential of Quantum Sensors and Quantum Communication.

• Share your insights on how these technologies, working hand-in-hand, shape the landscape of our future ecosystems.


Let's dive deeply into the fishbowls and uncover the benefits and potential of technological interplay! Organizers: AVL, STMicroelectronics, NXP, SINTEF, Infineon, and Teraglobus.

  • PowerizeD is an innovative EU funded project aiming to develop breakthrough technologies of digitized and intelligent power electronics to enable sustainable and resilient energy generation, transmission and applications

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